GAPP-Partners Global was formed to support a sustainable, cost-effective, efficient and ethical service delivery for both local and global markets. We facilitate the digital enterprise by sourcing and managing expert ICT resources.

Our emphasis is on encouraging a constant flow of ideas for innovation and maximisation of business know-how.
Through a strategic approach of discovery, we are able to broaden and share our extensive pool of knowledge, and extract the best possible value for our clients in their particular field of expertise.



Our Team

  • Riaan V. Hoogstad

    CEO GAPP-Partners Global

  • Frank Eriksen-Miller

    COO GAPP-Partners Global

  • Amanda Mbilase

    CEO- Africa GAPP-Partners Global

  • DeWald Raath

    Head of Digital Media, GAPP-Partners Global

  • Charien Coetzee

    Recruiting Administrator, GAPP-Partners Global

  • Leigh-Anne Mkhize-Madubedube

    360ยบ Global Lead Technical Recruiter